13 May, 2019


At IA we not only consult, but also build innovative products powered by machine learning or other algorithms.


RetireLab uses advanced optimization algorithms to determine the best savings plan for you, given different retirement savings vehicles such as retirement annuities, tax free savings accounts, and discretionary investments (unit trusts and Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs). Try it out by clicking on the link in the heading above.


InvokeDocs analyses documents visually to show the relationships between different entities and the sentiment associated with where they are mentioned. It is useful for investigating large documents quickly, and has proven popular in the legal domain. Try it out by clicking on the link in the heading above

Measurement and Verification Tool

This product was funded by the South African-German Energy Programme (SAGEN) and the GIZ for the South African National Energy Development Initiative (SANEDI). It automates the statistical calculations associated with verifying the savings in large energy efficiency projects, specifically for the SARS 12L tax rebate.

Capabilities include:

  • Automatic validation of Excel spreadsheets for various input errors
  • Automatic location-based temperature data scraping
  • Automatic integration with smart meters (IoT)
  • Automatic creation of facility energy models (baseline and assessment period)
  • Automatic missing data handling
  • Automatic model evaluation
  • Automatic, statistically accurate uncertainty quantification
  • Automatic reporting of results
  • Secure interface
  • Multiple user roles and secure workflow


PayLift is a machine learning solutions that increases revenue from debit order collections by predicting which clients will default on their debit orders next month. It determines the most profitable type of debit order to use. PayLift increased a client’s revenue by 0.5-2% after fees. Since this tool processes highly sensitive information in a corporate environment, it is not available to the public. Contact us for more information.