9 Sep, 2018


The IA journey

IA was founded in 2017 as a natural expression of Dawie and Herman’s experience in applied statistics, programming, and decision science. We built an intelligent retail management system for a SPAR store, and when King Price Insurance heard about it, they asked us to talk to them about machine learning. This lead to IA building various intelligent systems for KP.

We aim to be an advanced scientific computing company with a suite of original, profitable products, and a world-class consulting and development team.

We value excellence, curiosity, creativity, integrity, balance, and empathy. We derive joy from witnessing abstract mathematics become tangible reality in our solutions.

IA’s business principles

  • IA was founded with the express goal of being highly profitable. However, it would be a poor business if it did so at the expense of our employees, clients, shareholders, the public, or the environment. We envision a world in which all our stakeholders thrive because of what we do and how we do it.
  • We give 10% of our profit to deserving causes. This is not corporate social responsibility. It is part of who we are and how we live, in IA and in our private lives.
  • IA’s business is built on trust: with clients and with employees.
  • Because we are trust-based and output-driven, we are not clock watchers.
  • We decline work if we feel that we can’t add significant value.